LEZISKA is a brand for hand-embroidered apparel based in Munich. Every item is unique and one of a kind.

My main work is mantra embroidery. While doing that I recite the mantra, so actually I do japa meditation on fabric and every piece is charged with devotion. 

Mantras can be a single syllable, a word or a whole sentence. What a mantra actually means plays a minor role. More important is the vibration which the mantra creates in your body. It is said that the more often you recite a mantra the more you will understand its meaning.

Japa meditation is a form of meditation where you recite a mantra, prayer or divine name either internally or externally to give your mind a focus and to pause the continuous wandering of your thoughts. Through repeating the mantra you are not only creating a meditative state but you also program your subconsciousness with its meaning.

Next to mantras I embroider yoga related elements as well as my own illustrations. For this, I only use garments made of fair trade and organic fabrics.

All my products are vegan, no animal fibers are used.